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We deliver friendship. Not just cargo.

We deliver opportunities. Not just cargo.

We deliver adventure. Not just cargo.

We deliver surprises. Not just cargo.

We deliver hope. Not just cargo.

Cargo Airline in Dallas, Texas & Across the U.S.

Cargo is more than just boxes, and Ameriflight employees know that better than anyone. Whether we’re delivering medical supplies to a hospital in the Caribbean or supplies to a small school in Washington, we never lose sight of what’s important: serving the people around us. Ameriflight is based in Dallas, Texas but also serves New Mexico, Ohio, California, Washington, Puerto Rico and more.

A Few of the Reasons We’re #1

We didn’t grow into an industry leader overnight, and we don’t maintain that title by resting on our laurels. Our pilots, mechanics, and support teams work tirelessly to pump out the kind of numbers that consistently add up to very satisfied customers.

More Reasons

0,000 flight hours per year

0,000 packages handled daily

0% dispatch reliability rate

Delivering More Than Cargo

Every single Ameriflight team member has a deeply ingrained sense of purpose that drives them to exceed expectations at every turn. Rather than simply delivering cargo, we strive to be part of something greater than ourselves. The foundation for this ambition is a perfect blend of our mission statement and core values.

See Where We Deliver To

Dallas Airline: Cargo Deliveries in the United States & Puerto Rico

Our Top Priority: Safety Regional Deliveries

Safety is our core value and paramount to how we operate as a company. Our success relies on safe operations and safe work practices and for that reason, safety is integrated throughout our policies, procedures, and standardized training programs. Ameriflight’s safety culture is continuously improving, always adapting, and never satisfied with the status quo.

Putting Safety First