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Ameriflight Adds Tenth EMB-120 Brasilia to Fleet

Ameriflight is excited to introduce our latest EMB-120, N578SW. Our 10th Brasilia, N578SW was operated by SkyWest Airlines until early 2015, before undergoing cargo conversion by Worldwide Aircraft Services in Springfield Missouri. After conversion, the aircraft was ferried to our Dallas headquarters to complete the acceptance and conformity process.

Ameriflight Brasilias are currently flying daily scheduled service from bases in Borinquen, Cincinnati, Dallas, Miami, Phoenix and Seattle.

Ameriflight and our wholly owned subsidiary Wiggins Airways operates a combined fleet of over 200 aircraft including The Embraer EMB-110 and EMB-120, Beechcraft Be99 and Be1900, Fairchild Sa227, and Cessna C208, providing daily service for the largest international integrators and manufacturers throughout North America and the Caribbean.