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Ameriflight Adopts GE Digital’s Aviation Asset Records to Make Actionable Flight Operations Decisions Based on Historical Data

December 7th, 2021

Media Contact:
Jamie Smith
Ameriflight, LLC
Director of Corporate Communications | 972.426.3066 ext. 76273

SAN RAMON, Calif. – GE Digital today announced that Dallas-based Ameriflight, the nation’s largest Part 135 cargo airline, has chosen the company’s Aviation Asset Records software solution to make better informed decisions about its flight operations. The solution features an automated dashboard that provides a visual representation of historical data from Ameriflight’s maintenance records operation that helps the company make actionable decisions.

Aviation Asset Records, a cloud-based solution, allows operators to digitize, index, and archive maintenance records of equipment in use. Records related to individual aircraft can then be connected so the operator has data related to both internal and external operations and documentation between airline and lessor. Maintenance records can then be matched to the relevant Maintenance & Engineering system (M&E).

The GE Digital Aviation Software Professional Services team worked closely with the Ameriflight team to translate their needs, identify available data, and transform it into actionable information in a custom Microsoft Power BI dashboard based on Ameriflight’s Maintenance Records operation. The team defined a digital path together to transform more data into information for better decision making, continuous improvement, and training. Power BI is a business analytics service from Microsoft that provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with a simple interface to create reports and dashboards.

As a critical part of the UPS, FedEx, and DHL supply chains, Ameriflight has grown from a single aircraft to the largest Part 135 cargo airline in the U.S. touting a fleet size of more than 150 aircraft.

“Our goal with this solution is to embrace emerging technologies to streamline our data collection and analysis so we can achieve visibility into real-time metrics,” said Cliff Hansen, Ameriflight’s Director of Quality. “The GE Digital team partnered with us to set our business objectives and make those objectives achievable by using tangible data and performance monitoring.”

Aviation Asset Records broaden the company’s Risk Management Solutions (RMS). By leveraging accurate data to enable downstream analytics, operators are able to improve operations and make records more easily accessible, searchable, and transferrable.

“Given all of the challenges and changes our industry is facing we are seeing incredible innovation coming from perhaps the most untapped asset in Aviation, our data,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager of GE Digital’s Aviation Software business. “Transparent, data-driven insights will be key to not only returning the industry to safe flight, but also enabling airlines like Ameriflight to operate more efficiently and sustainably.”

More information on Asset Records can be found here.


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