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Ameriflight and UPS Airlines Finalize Phase Two Expansion of Gateway Program

DALLAS, TX – Today, Ameriflight and UPS Airlines signed an agreement for Phase Two of the UPS/Ameriflight Gateway Program. Phase Two provides the opportunity for current and future Ameriflight pilots to pursue a path to potential employment by UPS Airlines. Program participants will need to drive their career and achieve the required personal and professional development benchmarks, as well as complete the UPS mentoring program.

Each participant will be tasked with following clear, concise guidelines to gain the experience needed by UPS Airlines. Future Ameriflight pilots selected for the program will have the opportunity to complete the program in 36 months; this includes a final 12 months in the UPS mentoring stage. Current Ameriflight Pilots who have the necessary experience and already meet the requirements may be selected to enter the final 12 month mentoring portion of the program. Successful completion of the 12 month UPS mentoring program will result in an interview with UPS Airlines subject to its hiring needs and requirements.

The first selection of Ameriflight pilots entering the Gateway Program will be made in January 2018 and will consist of current Ameriflight pilots.

“To be able to present Ameriflight Pilots with a path to potential employment by UPS Airlines is the culmination of a tremendous team effort.” says Ameriflight Chief Operating Officer Bill Poerstel. “Pilots selected for this program will be individuals who are motivated to advance their careers, professionally and personally and desire to fly for one of the premier airlines in the world.”

About Ameriflight: Ameriflight was founded in 1968 and has grown from a small air charter and cargo service carrier to an international operator and the nation’s largest 135 cargo airline. Ameriflight is headquartered in Dallas, TX and has more than 500 employees including over 100 pilots and over 100 aircraft. Ameriflight provides feeder services for overnight express carriers such as UPS. The company can be found on the web at and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @Ameriflight.

About UPS: UPS (NYSE: UPS) is a global leader in logistics, offering a broad range of solutions including transporting packages and freight, facilitating international trade, and deploying advanced technology to more efficiently manage the world of business. Headquartered in Atlanta, UPS serves more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. The company can be found on the web at® and its corporate blog can be found at To get UPS news, follow @UPS_News on Twitter.

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