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Ameriflight Employee, Yun Choo, Enters Retirement After 38 Years of Service


After 38 years of service in the Ameriflight Accessory Shop, Yun Choo (Dr. Choo) has entered retirement. 🎉👏


Dr. Yun Choo joined the Ameriflight team in 1984, as a Repair Technician working on the Chieftain Magento Starters. Prior to Ameriflight, when Choo was in Korea, he enlisted to be an aviator. Because he was half an inch too short, he was assigned as a technician to repair and fabricate parts and tooling for the Korean military. He then brought those skills to Ameriflight where he has dedicated the past 38 years.

Two years after joining the Ameriflight team, Choo built the Accessory Shop, growing it to include 10 technicians, and eventually serving as Accessory Shop Manager. He built a tool fabrication shop where he made tools to increase maintenance efficiency and make it easier for maintenance to do their job – tools such as the De-Ice Brush Block Wear Limit Tool and a Go No Go for the starters. He also fabricated owner-produced parts which was helpful to Ameriflight regarding costs and accessibility for hard-to-find parts.

Since the inception of DASH in 1997, The Accessory Shop under Dr Choo’s direction repaired a total of 67,271 orders – including 24,674 wheels, 5,801 brakes, and 3,424 landing gears. Throughout his 38 years, Choo was well respected by the FAA and Ameriflight. He loved Ameriflight and always worked to make Ameriflight better.

On Choo’s last day at Ameriflight in September, Pat Kremer, VP of Technical Operations, and Dawn Deitmen, Director of Materials & Business Processes, presented Choo with an Ameriflight plaque, among other things. The rest of the BUR base joined in on celebrating his service to Ameriflight and now retirement.


We are honored to have had Yun on the Ameriflight team for 38 years. His dedication and service to the Ameriflight Accessory Shop and the BUR base is unmatched. We appreciate all that Yun has done for Ameriflight and look forward to seeing him enjoy retirement out on the golf course. 🏌️‍♂️