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Ameriflight, LLC announces Brian Randow promoted to Chief Executive Officer

Ameriflight, LLC announced that current President and COO Brian Randow has been promoted to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Randow is a long time airline executive with 20 years of regional and mainline air carrier experience, including executive positions at Mesaba Airlines, Delta / Northwest Airlines and most recently Compass Airline where he held the position of Vice President, Chief Operation Officer.  Since joining Ameriflight as President and Chief Operating Officer in June 2015 Brian has helped implement a number of changes; streamlining operations, increasing employee collaboration, building a recruiting team focused on pilots and maintenance technicians, and expanding relationships with flight schools and aviation colleges as well as regional and mainline air carriers.

Ameriflight Owner and Board Chairman Jim Martell noted, “Brian has proven himself to be a team builder and I am confident that he is the leader who can sustainably grow Ameriflight while continuing to provide the greatest level of service in the regional air cargo industry.”