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Ameriflight Operates Life Saving Flight, First On-Demand Flight Out of Puerto Rico



On September 29th, 2023, Ameriflight successfully completed its first ESCS (on-demand cargo charter) flight out of Puerto Rico! We partnered with our customer to transport 103 dogs and cats from The Sato Project sanctuary in Puerto Rico to Morristown, NJ where they will find new homes.

An Ameriflight EMB120, flown by Captain Ileana Pineda and First Officer Stephanie Giliotti, was loaded with the precious cargo before making the flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and finally Morristown, New Jersey.

When the pets touched down stateside in Morristown, New Jersey, many of their new families were already at the airport, eagerly awaiting their arrival. The rest of the pets were taken to shelter partners and fosters to be placed in their new homes very soon.

While this type of flight isn’t a first for Ameriflight ESCS – we’ve flown over 55 pet flights for various customers in 2023 so far – this is the first of its kind from Puerto Rico. We recently began providing on-demand cargo charters within the islands and to the continental U.S. with our ESCS Cargo Charter Services.

“The ESCS Puerto Rico team was honored to work alongside our customer to give these pets a second chance. A special moment from this trip was walking by a family who received their puppy from our aircraft. This family of four had a daughter excitedly sharing with her parents that she now has a new little sister. The impact delivered from this flight is a special day I will never forget. I am grateful to be a part of providing moments such as these with the ESCS team!” – said Captain Ileana Pineda


Special thanks to the Ameriflight employees, our customer, all the volunteers, and The Sato Project, and all the volunteers for the success of the first ESCS Puerto Rico flight and for the safe delivery of over 100 pets to new furever homes. 

We look forward to more flights like it in the near future. 💙






The Sato Project is an animal rescue organization that is dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico. “Sato,” is a word used to describe a stray dog or cat. Many of their missions include flights like this, especially before and after natural disasters.

Click here to donate to this organization and support more life-saving missions like this. 🐶