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Love is in the Air


Meet Brandon Richardson and Vanessa Roman????




  She’s an Ameriflight dispatcher at our Phoenix, AZ base.


He’s a former Ameriflight EMB120 First Officer at our Phoenix, AZ base.


Vanessa and Brandon met at Ameriflight, fell in love, and now they’re getting married!????


Brandon was hired by Ameriflight in August of 2017. Initially, he was going to be ONT-based, but was changed to PHX last minute. A few weeks after Brandon hit the line as a new EMB120 First Officer, Vanessa was hired as a dispatcher for our PHX base. She was fresh out of college and excited to start her aviation career. At the time, Vanessa and Brandon were both very focused on their careers and didn’t have much time for relationships. They both had other plans before joining Ameriflight. Thankfully, their plans changed and they ended up at the same company, at the same base, at the same time.


“The first time I met Brandon was one night when he stopped by dispatch to drop off his paperwork. I was busy with receiving all the other inbound flights, so I really didn’t pay too much attention to the 6’2’’ redhead.” – Vanessa


Fast forward a few months, after a lot of hanging out and a lot of patience, Brandon and Vanessa started dating! Fast forward a few years and now they’re getting married! These two love birds are getting married on September 25 in Arizona. They even have some familiar faces in their wedding party – current AMF Captain Angel Rosado, former AMF First Officer Caleigh Doherty, and former AMF Captain Jeffrey Feinstein.


“We did not expect to find our lifelong best friend at Ameriflight. Our passion brought us together and we couldn’t be more grateful. Love is definitely in the air.????✈️” – Vanessa




Congratulations to Vanessa and Brandon! Ameriflight wishes you a lifetime of love and happiness.