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Meet Ameriflight’s Summer Intern!

A big “Welcome Aboard!” to Adriana!

Adriana is Ameriflight’s summer 2016 intern! She graduated in May from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s in Professional Flight Technology. She’ll be interning with us throughout the summer and will be back at Purdue this fall to finish up her schooling. In December, she’ll graduate with her Master’s in Aerospace and Aviation Management.

Adriana says she chose Ameriflight’s intern program because “it’s one of the best opportunities available for pilots in my position with low time… and the people are super friendly!”

Adriana is from Hollywood, Florida and has wanted to be a pilot her whole life. Her nickname as a child was “Birdy!” When she was in 3rd grade, she and her classmates were asked what superpower they would choose if they could have one. You guessed it! She chose to fly! Adriana never thought women could be pilots, but when she took a discovery flight at the age of 15, she fell in love with aviation! She asked her step-dad if she could one day become a pilot and he said yes. She’s been dead-set on flying ever since!

Adriana misses spending time with her family and hopes to return to Florida to begin her career as a pilot when she finishes graduate school in December. Her ultimate goal is to fly internationally with a company that cares!

Look out for an update in a few weeks to see how Adriana’s experience with Ameriflight is going!

Summer Intern, Adriana