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My Ameriflight Experience So Far: Captain Christian Ortiz González

We are very proud to call Christian a member of the Ameriflight team!
We recently asked him to tell us about his experience with Ameriflight so far.
Here’s what he had to say:

“My name is Christian Ortiz González and I am a BE1900 Captain at Ameriflight. I was flight instructing when my friend, Ameriflight BE1900 Capt. Abraham Henderson, advised me to apply and said he would recommend me. Eighteen months ago and shortly after that conversation, I started out as a BE99 Captain for Ameriflight based in Albuquerque, NM and quickly felt at home. Pay and benefits are better than most regionals, including jumpseat privileges with UPS and many other airlines. These jumpseat agreements have given me the privilege to jumpseat with my father, a UPS 747-400 Captain and given him the privilege to jumpseat with me in the BE1900.

Ameriflight has given me the opportunity to improve my professional credentials by not only enhancing my knowledge of complex airplane systems and procedures, including the best turboprop engine ever made, the PT6, but also by allowing me to accumulate turbine PIC time. The training is famously rigorous and highly regarded in the aviation industry. Not everybody makes it through, so when you say you fly for Ameriflight, people say that you must be a very good pilot. I strongly suggest that you apply and become a member of the Ameriflight family of professional aviators!


Christian Ortiz González
BE1900 Captain”