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My Ameriflight Experience So Far: Captain Ryan Currie

We are very proud to have Ryan on the Ameriflight team!
We recently asked him to tell us about his experience with Ameriflight so far.
Here’s what he had to say:

“My name is Ryan Currie and I’ve been flying as a Captain in the BE99 with Ameriflight for eight months. I’m currently based at the Phoenix, AZ location. I began my aviation career two years ago and previously worked as a flight instructor to build my hours. Before starting here, I met with the Ameriflight recruiters and discussed all the opportunities and possibilities in starting a career here. My main attraction to Ameriflight was the ability to get hired on directly as a Captain and begin building multi engine turbine PIC time. I also like the great schedule that allows me to be home almost every night and have most weekends off. Coming from flying nothing but piston engine aircraft, I felt the 99 was a great transition plane to introduce me to turbine engine aircraft. Also, Ameriflight offers an incredibly competitive salary compared to other airlines and corporate gigs.

When I began training with Ameriflight, I realized how much of a challenge I was signing up for. The ground school covered an in-depth discussion and breakdown of the aircraft systems and limitations which helped expand my own personal knowledge well further then any previous training. Here at Ameriflight, they stress developing versatile and all around competent pilots. After all, most of the flying we do here is single pilot, and if any issues were to arise during the flight it would be solely on you the pilot to assess the situation and handle it properly. Thanks to the training received here, each pilot is fully prepared to handle any abnormal events and create a plan of action to safely conclude the flight.

At Ameriflight, you can expect a challenging and rewarding career that will improve your skills as a pilot. Many of our aircraft do not have autopilot and we are encouraged and trained to fly using non-GPS navigation (VOR, NDB, ILS, etc.). This type of flying increases the pilot’s scan and involvement with each flight. Also, without using autopilot your stick and rudder skills stay sharp. The BE99 is a great plane; it’s very maneuverable and has highly reliable PT6 engines that are a blast to fly! It’s larger than most aircraft coming from an instructor job but still small enough to feel comfortable to transition into. If you’re looking for a way to quickly build that valuable PIC Turbine time, Ameriflight is a great option. You’ll become a better pilot, get the opportunity to fly around the country, and meet a bunch of great people here. I’m happy to be a part of the Ameriflight family!


Ryan Currie
BE99 Captain”