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My Ameriflight Experience So Far: First Officer Ruby Ramlo

We are very excited to have Ruby on the Ameriflight team!
We recently asked her to tell us about her experience with Ameriflight so far.
Here’s what she had to say:

“My name is Ruby Ramlo and I am a First Officer on the Embraer 120 at Ameriflight. I began my career as a flight instructor in Seattle right next door to the Ameriflight hanger. Every morning, I would watch the fleet taxi out and dream about the day I could join them. Little did I know Ameriflight hires First Officers at 500 hours! When a friend suggested I apply, I was quick to do so. Just a few weeks later, I was on my way to Dallas to begin my training.

Ameriflight has the well-deserved reputation of making you a better pilot. The skills gained from the intense training and application in the real world are skills I will carry with me through my entire career. Each and every day, I get to experience diverse flying. From departing Seattle’s busy airspace to encountering the complex weather patterns the Cascades have to offer, I have experienced more in the short six months I have been with Ameriflight than I did in my five years of flying. Single-pilot or two-crew, the training you receive here is top of the line. It gives you a solid foundation of safety and standardized operations.

The quality of life that Ameriflight offers is amazing. I am home every night. I am able to pay down my student loans and not starve, which not a lot of regional pilots can say. I love the life, I love the people, and I love the job!

Ruby Ramlo
EMB-120 First Officer”