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Recognizing Excellence: Employee Goes Above and Beyond to Implement 5S

Over the past year, the Ameriflight Safety Department has been emphasizing and teaching the importance of the 5S organization workplace method. The 5S method is a systematic approach to workplace organization and includes five main pillars:

Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.



We’d like to recognize A&P Technician Roberto Canotal for implementing the 5S method in the PHX Tool Room. He took it upon himself to clean and organize the room, turning it from a cluttered and unsafe space to a clean and systemized space. 👏




As a thank you and to award this awesome initiative, we had Roberto’s toolbox shadowed. Shadowing a toolbox is an upgraded way of storing tools within a toolbox. Foam is cut to each individual tool, providing a ‘home’ for every tool. It also allows for a neat and organized workplace and to know at a glance which tools are missing. Thank you, Rob! We appreciate all that you do. 😄