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United Aviate

What is Aviate?

Aviate is United Airlines’ industry-leading pilot career development program, offering aspiring and established pilots the most secure path to a United flight deck.

United’s goal is to attract outstanding people who want to join the very best team of pilots in the aviation industry.

Why join Aviate?

The Aviate Program launched in 2019 and was created to support United’s pipeline of highly qualified pilots. Aviate participants are a top priority for the overall pilot hiring at United.

Candidates who apply and are selected to join Aviate will benefit from a career path that is tailored to their current experience level, enabling them to build flight hours and develop as leaders in preparation for a potential position with United as a First Officer.

Other benefits to Aviate participants include:

  • No additional interviews with United
  • Travel privileges
  • Personalized coaching from a United pilot

Why join Ameriflight?

Ameriflight is a Part 135 Aviate partner. Pilots can start their professional flying career with Ameriflight at 500 TT for First Officers and 1,200 TT for Captains. While flying at Ameriflight, our pilots gain quality PIC, Turbine, and multi-engine hours while perfecting their stick and rudder skills in a hands-on work environment.

Piloting turboprop aircraft in IFR conditions hones the instrument proficiency and airmanship that serve as the backbone of a pilot’s career. Pilots have the opportunity to fly across our network of 14 bases and in our growing on-demand cargo department, offering them both international and domestic flying experience.

How to Apply

Once hired and flying at Ameriflight, candidates can apply for the Aviate program.

After completing the last interview of their career and being accepted into the Aviate program, the pilot can begin fulfilling the outlined program requirements.


Already in the Aviate program? Join the Ameriflight team and start fulfilling the outlined requirements.

Transition from Ameriflight to United

1,200 PIC hours flying Ameriflight while in the Aviate program

That’s it! No time commitment, just 1,200 PIC hours

Bachelor’s degree not required

This was previously required, but no longer is

ATP/CTP and ATP gained through Ameriflight reimbursement program

This covers the cost of the last training you’ll need before heading to United’s new hire training

United start date four-month transition commitment

Participants will be on property at United within four months of meeting the program requirements.

United Airlines intends to hire more than 10,000 pilots in the next decade and have the largest fleet of widebody aircraft in North America, offering exciting opportunities to advance.

A direct path. Aviate participants can transition to United as a First Officer upon successful completion of the Aviate program and hiring requirements

Coaching. Aviate participants will have the opportunity to participate in a coaching program and receive mentorship from United pilots

Travel privileges. Aviate participants enjoy travel privileges to United destinations around the world

Culture. Aviate participants will gain deeper connections with our United team, with access to senior leadership, site visits and tours, and an inside look at our inclusive culture

Ameriflight operates the nation’s largest Part 135 Cargo airline.

Ameriflight works alongside the world’s largest package delivery companies to deliver high-priority freight to and from small towns all across the country.

The company’s country-wide system includes 15 bases operating 1,500 weekly departures to 200 destinations including 175 cities, 33 states and 14 countries.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX and founded in 1968, the company has more than 500 employees including over 150 pilots and over 100 aircraft.