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UPS® FlightPath

Learn more about our UPS® FlightPath Programs below:

Path I – UPS® Flightpath Intern
Path II – Ameriflight Pilot

UPS and Ameriflight Establish UPS® FlightPath Program to Create Joint Opportunities for Flight Crew Personnel

Recognizing the need for an innovative solution to the pilot shortage, UPS Airlines and Ameriflight together formed the UPS® FlightPath program to help guide new pilots toward their ideal job.

Pilots can rest easy with an outlined career path that leads them to one of the largest cargo airlines in the world.

UPS® FlightPath sends the brightest aviators to UPS Airlines while ensuring a steady stream of pilots flow through Ameriflight.

While at Ameriflight, pilots gain quality PIC, Turbine, and multi-engine hours while perfecting their stick and rudder skills in a hands-on work environment. Piloting turboprop aircraft in IFR conditions hones the instrument proficiency and airmanship that serve as the backbone of a pilot’s career.

While participating in UPS® FlightPath, pilots work to complete outlined benchmarks (personal and professional), as well as receive valuable mentoring and training at UPS Airlines.