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Who’s Who – Get to Know Darla Sanches


The world of aviation brings together people from a variety of backgrounds and career experiences. Here at Ameriflight, our employees have unique and interesting stories to tell and we’re here to share them.

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Meet Darla Sanches, Accounts Payable Team Lead 😄👋

“I was born and raised in Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana, but moved to Texas in 1994, so I consider myself a common-law Texan.  My daughter is an only child, and she and her wife live in East Dallas.  She works as a corporate travel consultant, and I am extremely proud of the human being she has become. I have a cat, Biskit, who has kind of become the Accounts Payable (AP) Team Mascot since the Covid lockdowns because he always had to be on camera during our Teams meetings.



Before coming to work for Ameriflight, I worked as an Accounts Receivable Clerk for AutoNation.  Prior to that I held several temp and permanent positions as an Administrative Assistant, the longest period being just a little over 10 years with Lockheed Martin in Grand Prairie, Texas.  After getting laid off so many times due to companies moving away from utilizing Admins, I knew I needed to make a change in my career, but I had no college degree and really no experience in any other field.  I was able to move into the Accounting/Finance world with the help of managers who trusted me to take on the responsibilities of the job and I have found it to be very rewarding.

I started at Ameriflight as a temp in early 2018.  It was an account auditing position that was only supposed to last about three months, but I was eventually hired permanently in October of 2018 as an Accounts Payable Specialist. 

At the end of 2021, I was promoted to Accounts Payable Team Lead and took on the duties of directly assisting the AP Manager, as well as providing additional support to the AP Team. I continue to perform the duties of an AP Specialist, which is the processing of invoices for payment, along with the additional responsibilities of being the Team Lead.  My work as a Team Lead provides me the opportunity to not only assist my team members, but also be somewhat of a liaison between them and upper management, which is the part of the job that I have found to be the most rewarding.

Most people, including myself at one time, probably think it is mundane to be in accounting, but it’s more than just data entry and spreadsheets (although that is a lot of it) and I am NEVER bored and it’s never the same from day-to-day!

It might seem a bit strange to say this is my favorite memory at Ameriflight because of the reason it came about, but it was during the Covid lockdowns.  How the AP Team pulled together to keep things running as smoothly as possible. That time not only brought us closer together as a team, but tested our resolve in ways that were quite unexpected.  The fact that we got through it and came out on the other side stronger was a credit to our character and perseverance.  I was, and still am, proud to be a part of the AP Team and the Finance department.

I am also an Ameriflight Safety Ambassador – we’re a voluntary group that meet once a month to discuss ways to strengthen the Ameriflight safety culture, decrease injuries, and complete safety challenges that help make Ameriflight the safest it can be.

Being in Accounts Payable does not necessarily put me in the mix of things, aviation-wise, but I still catch myself sitting in the breakroom staring down at the planes, watching maintenance and being fascinated at how planes work and how important they are to our way of life.  I do feel a sense of importance and responsibility, in my position, as I know I am part of the cog that keeps things moving – even if a small one.

We appreciate all that you do at Ameriflight, Darla! We’re proud to have you on the team. ✈️




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