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Who’s Who – Get to Know Greg Foster


The world of aviation brings together people from a variety of backgrounds and career experiences. Here at Ameriflight, our employees have unique and interesting stories to tell and we’re here to share them.

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Meet Flight Safety Specialist, Greg  Foster 👋

Greg with his mom, dad, fiancée and dogs, Peanut and Chico

I am originally from Tucson, AZ and am the oldest of my siblings. My fiancée, Shenna, and I have two dogs and a cat together who make up the family. Our wedding is scheduled for October 19th, 2024. When we’re not working, you can find us on the water with friends, or traveling and exploring new areas around the world.

Greg’s InDoc photo

Prior to Ameriflight (many years ago) I flew a C-210 for Flight Express out of Oakland, CA – that was my big break into the Part 135 world! I was hired at Ameriflight in November of 2010 as a Chieftain Captain. Bob Sulahian, PA31 Program Manager at the time, taught my class!  I knew I needed to find a company where I could grow personally and professionally while also gaining platinum experience. In 2010 the industry was extremely competitive; I still remember Sheri Hudson, Manager of Pilot Recruiting at the time, doing my interview while Bob conducted my simulator evaluation. I was so excited when Sheri called and offered me the job.

I showed up to InDoc, and fast forward to 2023 and I’m still here. To this day one of my favorite Ameriflight memories was during InDoc. Bob was teaching; he would look at us, lean toward the class and slam the white board saying “cooooome onnnnn people, this isn’t hard.” 

Flying the Chieftain

Over my years here at Ameriflight, I have flown the PA-31, BE-99, BE-1900, SA-227, EMB-120 and the Private King Air 200, N200AF (the private King Air was a rare opportunity to see an Ameriflight aircraft that had not been converted to cargo, we flew passengers on it as private charter).

In May of 2016, I joined the Safety Department and am currently the Flight Safety Specialist. On a daily basis, I manage our ASAP program which includes processing ASAP reports, Incident and Fatigue reports and properly recording and managing those report with the upmost care.  I also manage the jumpseat program we have which includes managing MyIDTravel, ID90, CASS and the reciprocal agreements with other airlines. Additionally, I create content for our quarterly pilot meetings, quarterly instructor trend presentation, Lessons Learned, Safety Alerts among other tasks.

My job is always interesting because I get to be involved in many different departments and get exposure to different parts of the business. I love learning new tasks and providing help and input when and where I can.

This company is not just a job for me, it’s a family. I enjoy working alongside all my fellow teammates and have made lifelong relationships through Ameriflight.


Thanks for all that you do at Ameriflight, Greg! We’re proud to have you on our team. ✈️


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