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Who’s Who – Get to Know Justin Lomakin


The world of aviation brings together people from a variety of backgrounds and career experiences. Here at Ameriflight, our employees have unique and interesting stories to tell and we’re here to share them.

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Meet SA227 Captain, Justin Lomakin 👋😄

“I grew up in the suburbs of Orange County, California with my mom, dad and sister. I had an awesome childhood with a lot of adventure surrounded by good people making some unforgettable memories. When I’m not working, my time is spent trying not to make being a pilot a personality trait, so I participate in activities such as being part of a pro volleyball team out in Phoenix (also lots of pick-up volleyball), playing piano, wandering into the wilderness in my jeep with friends and chasing new goals! 

On the road to becoming a pilot, I worked as an aircraft detailer, worked at Costco, and on the side was a successful handyman and personal trainer to pay for my ratings. Before I worked at Ameriflight, I was flight instructing as it was a very large passion of mine as I thoroughly enjoyed working with people. I found myself very apt at giving instruction and flying the gambit of GA airplanes. However, I found myself needing more of a challenge. Enter Ameriflight with turbine engines!!

I was hired at Ameriflight in March of 2022 as a EMB120 First Officer. In February of 2023, I became a BE99 Captain and less then six months later I upgraded to the SA227. I currently serve as a SA227 Charter Captain based in El Paso, TX. I show up to work each day, lay my Ameriflight merchandise out on the table in the shape of an airplane and pray to the flying gods we get a trip booked so we can go fly!  Not that dramatic, but who doesn’t love flying! 🙂 



I’ve had many amazing memories over my time here at Ameriflight. I had the opportunity to live in Puerto Rico while flying the EMB120 – that was definitely a highlight of my life. I’ve also never had a more fun time than during all three of my IOE experiences. IOE is serious training but if you and your instructors can still manage to have belly laughter during your experience, it makes life feel full. 

Ameriflight has been the best thing to happen to my career and I continue to look forward to working with Ameriflight to continue my growth. The connections I’ve made and life I’ve lived has been a dream. I hope to upgrade to SAAB340 Charter Captain in the near future and would love to return to instructing!”




Thanks for all that you do, Justin! We appreciate your hard work and are proud to have you on the Ameriflight team. ✈️

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