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Who’s Who – Get to Know Levy Young


The world of aviation brings together people from a variety of backgrounds and career experiences. Here at Ameriflight, our employees have unique and interesting stories to tell and we’re here to share them.

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Meet BE1900 Captain Levy Young 👋

“I grew up in Lenoir, North Carolina, a small town in the Western part of the state. I am the second of three children, wedged between my two awesome sisters. My family has played an enormous role in getting me where I am today. I can’t mention family without mentioning my Uncle Cregg, and my grandfather, both of which are pilots and are responsible for my love and passion for aviation. 



Prior to joining the Ameriflight team, I was a UPS FlightPath Intern in the Boeing 757/767 Standards and Training office, and was also a CFI in Louisville, Kentucky. My time as an intern and CFI molded me into the pilot I am today and built a foundation I will forever be grateful for. 

 I was in the May 2023 new hire class at Ameriflight, hired as a BE99 Captain. I joined the Ameriflight team to continue my dream of one day flying at UPS, as part of the UPS FlightPath Program. I believe Ameriflight provides pilots with the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to become the best pilot they can be. 

Views as a BE1900 Captain

After flying the BE99 for four months out of Lansing, MI, I upgraded aircraft to the BE1900 based in CVG, but will be relocating bases in the near future. Over the past couple of months, I have been flying a route for UPS from Moline, Illinois into UPS Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky. This has been a truly unique and valuable experience, having the opportunity to see firsthand one of the largest air cargo operations in the world. This route operates daily, or nightly rather, Monday night through Saturday morning. Flying nights can be a challenge, but who doesn’t love a good challenge to sharpen their skills?




Keep up the good work, Levy! We’re proud to have you on the Ameriflight team. 👨‍✈️👍

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