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Who’s Who – Get to Know Tala Taloa


The world of aviation brings together people from a variety of backgrounds and career experiences. Here at Ameriflight, our employees have unique and interesting stories to tell and we’re here to share them.

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Meet Tala Taloa 👋👨‍🔧

Tala is a Maintenance Technician at our PHX base and has been with us for almost five years.

“I was born and raised in the Kingdom of Tonga and have been working as a A&P Mechanic for 19 years. My first job was with SkyWest Airlines, but I have worked at FBOs, flight schools, and  private, corporate and regional airlines. In 2018, I was hired at Ameriflight. My friend Suhas told me about an opening and so I applied. Since working here, I have made a lot great of memories and have met some amazing coworkers and connections that will last a lifetime.

I just recently had a kidney transplant and am blessed to have a second chance at life. I’m grateful for all the support from my friends and family and for my donor and the sacrifice she went through to give me one of her kidneys. I’m doing well and looking forward to growing and expanding with Ameriflight. When I’m not working, you can find me spending time with my three wonderful children.”



Tala was nominated for this feature by coworker and friend, Suhas Kale. Suhas and Tala worked together in PHX before Suhas joined our Safety Department in DFW. Here’s what Suhas has to say about Tala:


Tala as the best man at Suhas’ wedding

“I met Tala at my previous job at a flight school in 2015. Our first interaction was defueling an aircraft together. I was working an overtime shift, and the supervisor on that shift tagged me with Tala for the defuel procedure. I thought that this guy was one of the most positive people around, and it was contagious. If you put Tala in a room with 10 pessimists, at least 7 of them are going to walk out feeling refreshed, grateful, energized, motivated and super positive! About 8 months into me working at Ameriflight, I told him there is an opening for a MX position here and he joined us then.

Tala gets along with literally EVERYONE (I’m not kidding). Everyone in PHX can attest to this and can vouch for the amazing energy that he brings to the workplace. He is a great mechanic. He has 15+ years of MX experience. He is quick with his hands, and on the floor, he is constantly asking guys if they need an extra set of hands for anything. He won’t stop until he gets it done. 

Tala was the best man at my wedding, he’s been there for me in times of need, and is someone I can trust whole heartedly. I can write a book about Tala, he has some amazing and unique qualities!” – Suhas Kale






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