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UPS® FlightPath: Phase 2

UPS® FlightPath II provides the opportunity for current and future Ameriflight pilots to pursue a path to potential employment by UPS Airlines. Program participants needs to drive their career and achieve the required personal and professional development benchmarks, as well as complete the UPS mentoring program.

Each participant is tasked with following clear, concise guidelines to gain the experience needed by UPS Airlines. Future Ameriflight pilots selected for the program will have the opportunity to complete the program in 36 months; this includes a final 12 months in the UPS mentoring stage. Current Ameriflight Pilots who have the necessary experience and already meet the requirements may be selected to enter the final 12-month mentoring portion of the program. Successful completion of the 12‑month UPS mentoring program will result in an interview with UPS Airlines subject to its hiring needs and requirements.

  • Ameriflight employee in good standing; no discipline or dependability problems
  • Minimum 1,000 TT, turboprop Captain (by the end of the program)
  • ATP Qualified (by the end of the program)
  • Bachelor degree or started in bachelor program
  1. Obtain the required qualifications to become an Ameriflight pilot.
  2. Enter UPS® FlightPath II Program by submitting a cover letter expressing interest and résumé to the Ameriflight Chief Pilot’s Office.
  3. Begin obtaining the outlined benchmarks (Developmental Stage) – includes personal and professional development, jet transition course, UPS pilot mentoring, and more.
  4. In as little as 36 months, receive guaranteed interview with UPS Airlines.
  5. Upon successful completion, become a UPS Airlines First Officer.


Ameriflight pilots now at UPS Airlines through the UPS® FlightPath II












“The UPS Pathway Program is an exciting opportunity to progress my aviation career. Becoming a crew member at UPS Airlines has been one of my long-term goals for quite some time.”

– Neal Christiansen

“Each promotion I received afforded me the opportunity to learn more about different parts of the company and gave me new experiences. The motivation to take on more roles at Ameriflight helped push my recommendation into the program.”

– Stephen Graham

“I chose the UPS Pathway Program because I know that all my experiences flying cargo with Ameriflight will help me excel at UPS Airlines.”

– Ian Doolittle


UPS operates one of the world’s largest, safest and most on-time airlines.

UPS Airlines integrates small packages and heavy freight in its daily network of more than 500 aircraft that reach nearly 700 destinations in over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

The company’s extensive air system includes international air hubs in Miami; Cologne, Germany; Shanghai; an intra-Asia hub in Shenzhen, China; and Worldport in Louisville, Kentucky — the 5.2 million square foot heart of UPS’s global air network.

In addition to its airline, UPS is a pioneer in developing aviation technologies to enhance the safety and efficiency of the aviation industry.


Learn more about UPS Airlines here.

Ameriflight operates the nation’s largest Part 135 Cargo airline.

Ameriflight works alongside the world’s largest package delivery companies to deliver high-priority freight to and from small towns all across the country.

The company’s country-wide system includes 17 bases operating 1,500 weekly departures to 200 destinations including 175 cities, 33 states and 14 countries.

Headquartered in Dallas, TX and founded in 1968, the company has more than 500 employees including over 150 pilots and over 100 aircraft.